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I don’t often find inspiration from a piece of chewing gum, however, 5 Gum has been featuring the game “Truth or Dare” on their wrappers and this “Dare” got me thinking.

Often we fall into a rut, driving the same routes, eating at the same restaurants, and hanging out at the same places.  We look forward to weekend getaways and vacations for fun and adventure.  But, what about exciting escapades that exist right outside of our front door?

So today, I dare you to explore 5 places in your hometown you have never visited.  Perhaps there is a new restaurant you have been dying to try, a museum exhibit you are interested in, or a dance club you would like to check out.  Spend some time doing research into what your town has to offer.  Even small towns have lectures, entertainment, or events near by.  The point is, get out and do something new.

Opening ourselves up to new experiences, people, and places not only helps us learn and grow, but can help stimulate the willingness and confidence try something new in other areas of our lives like relationships or career.

As you explore and adventure, write down in your journal, (or blog ;-} ) what you experience, not only the facts of where you went, who you went with, and what happened, but also how it felt to go somewhere new, what you learned, etc.  It can make for some interesting reading in the future.

Have fun, expand your horizons, have a delicious dinner, and share your experiences in the comment section below!  I would love to hear what you discovered!


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