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Remember to Say, “Thank You” to the Universe

When you are on the path to manifesting better things into your life, you make mistakes, especially in the beginning:

  • You don’t trust or believe the Universe is listening.
  • You get impatient or frustrated when it does not arrive as quickly as you would like.
  • Or perhaps you even get angry and throw a tantrum like a little child and demand the Universe give you what you asked for immediately.

That’s ok!

Manifesting is a process, one where you learn what works for you and your Higher Power what does not. With every step you take down the path to manifesting your dreams and goals, you evolve and grow.

Throughout this process the Universe (God, Jesus, Higher Self, Allah, etc.) patiently waits for you to learn and apply the necessary lessons. No matter how much you resist or fuss, the Universe never gives up on you or your dreams.

So today, take a few moments to say, “Thank You,” to the Universe or your Higher Power for it’s patience, guidance, and support.

You make even close your eyes, take a few breaths, and repeat the following prayer or create one of your own.

Enjoy the connection you make to Spirit and have a happy, healthy day!

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A Message from The Universe

As I was meditating this morning, a message came to me and I was encouraged to share:

Enjoy and do with it what you will.

Have a happy healthy day.

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Is social media blocking you from manifesting your goals?

I’ll be the first to admit I LOVE a good sarcastic post.  Give me a post from Auntie Acid or My Inner Child is a Drunkin Whore and my fingers will veritably quiver to hit that “Like” button.  But, I often wonder does liking those posts stop or slow my ability to manifest the things I want in my life?  Sure, I like those posts because the make me giggle and laugh and that can’t be bad for the manifestation process but am I sending a mixed message to the Universe?

Let’s face it, we all have “friends” that are constantly posting and tweeting complaints and criticisms.  Their boss is a jerk, they got a speeding ticket, their back hurts, the stupid barista made their grande 5-shot, no whip, 2%, 176°F, caramel mocha latte 179°, AGAIN. They are always having a bad day and almost every post has something bad to say about something or someone.  Because we want to be supportive of our friend and help make them feel a little better (and to some extent because of social pressure) we commiserate with them by clicking “Like” or tweeting, “That sucks ;-( !”  However, not only are we fanning the fires of their negativity, we are focusing our mental and spiritual energy on their problems and their negative energy and by doing so we are telling the Universe that is what we want.  I ‘LIKE” that negative attitude gimme more, please!!!!

On the flip side we also have friends that are the living embodiment of Disneyland, the happiest people on Earth.  They post inspirational quotes, they are smiling in all of their Instagram pictures, and every tweet contains either the word grateful or blessed.  (Ok, I admit this might be a bit of an exaggeration but you get the idea.)   Now, stop and think how many times do you “like” these comments or tweet, “Thanks for the great quote!”  Or do you roll your eyes and find this constant stream new age woo-woo crap annoying?  Well, the point is, it is the people that are always having the good days that we should give the predominance of our attention to because their positive energy rubs off on us and helps bring our vibration up to a higher level where we can manifest our goals and dreams more quickly and easily.

This doesn’t mean you can’t offer support or a virtual hug to a friend whose having a bad day.  Even the best of us have a rough day now and then and we need and deserve to know are friends are there for us.  But if their negativity persists past a few posts it’s time to take a step back to protect your own energetic well being.


So the next time you go to click that “Like” button take a moment to stop and consider if what you are liking is in line with what you want to create in your life.