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Thank You Thursday

Welcome to “Thank You Thursday.”

This week I would like to focus on being grateful for each and every day.

When was the last time you expressed gratitude for the present moment or day?

Frequently we express thanks for a material possession, a person in our lives, or a past experience.  We may even give thanks for something that we hope to have in the future.  However, most people I know do not take time to reflect on the current day or moment and say, “Thank You.”

This week I would like to give you an affirmation to help remind you to be grateful, NOW.

For the next week, repeat this affirmation throughout your day.  Make the photo a screen saver, put the affirmation in your phone as a reminder, or schedule time during your day to read and even speak the affirmation.  Choose a fun and creative way to direct your attention to being grateful.

Keep a journal of the experiences you have over the next week or share them in the comment section below.

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From Loser to Winner in Minutes

Have you ever had one of those days where you just thought to yourself, “Ugh, why bother?”  You know those days, the ones where you feel like everything you do is doomed to fail miserably.  Where do they come from? Who knows.  Why do we get them?  No clue.

For most of us those moments of gloom don’t last very long, usually a day perhaps two.  But if left unchecked they can snowball into a serious case of depression.

Whether your suffering from a momentary lapse of reason or a more serious case of the “I’m a losers'” I have a quick tip  that can help you shift your mood and get back on track in no time:

Ask yourself, “What am I proud of?”  Make a list of all of the things you can think of you are proud of such as your work ethic, the business you started, your child getting an “A’ in English, your home, the landscaping you did on your yard over the weekend, going to the gym when you’d rather watch TV, your compassion, etc.  Next, ask yourself, “What else?”  I guarantee you will think of something else you are proud of.  Keep asking, “What else?” until you are absolutely out of things to brag about.  And that is what you are doing!  You are bragging about your accomplishments.

Your Ego is being a bully and telling you you are no good so stand up to that bully and let him/her have it!  Tell it every reason why you are a great amazing success!

Try it, modify it to fit your needs and let me know how it works for you.

And as always have a Happy Healthy Day!!!!!