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We’re Growing!

Achieve Wellness is growing and I am looking to add a few new clients to our nutritional guidance program.

This program teaches participants simple, effective lifestyle changes that can put you on the road to the best body and best health of your life. And thanks to the techniques you learn in the program you’ll learn how to stay there. No fad diets or short term results here. In fact, this is a long term program that progresses you slowly so you have time to absorb and master your new habits. If you are in a rush to lose weight, this is not the program for you.

If you are interested in finding out how you can finally learn to live a healthy life rather than diet, click the link below and fill out our “New Client Survey”. Space in the program is limited, so don’t wait too long.

Yes, I am ready to get healthy!

What do you have to lose (except a few pounds)?

Thank you and have a happy healthy day.

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Take 1 Small Step

When was the last time you actually sat down and thought about your goals, let alone made any progress towards them?

If you are like many of my clients, you set a goal, you may even write it down, and you work at it for awhile. Then life happens and the next thing you know you have gotten no closer than when you started.

Today, I am encouraging you to pick 1 of your goals and take an action that moves you in the direction of that goal.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, take time today to figure out how much weight you want to lose, when you want to lose the weight by, or try taking a walk at lunch time, or adding more vegetables to you diet. You don’t have to do everything just pick 1 small thing.

The same is true if your goal is to get a new job. Make some time today to review and update your resume, write down specifically how you want your new job to be, look at job boards. If you need more education for the new job, research schools or training programs. Just do 1 little thing that moves you down the path to your new career.

The action you take does not need to take a lot of time, require you invest money if your not ready/able, or leap in with both feet. The key is to simply take a small step that moves you forward. Don’t get obsessed or stressed over the process. Make it a fun adventure. Enjoy the journey.

Once you have taken 1 small step, see if you can make it a habit to take 3-4 steps each week or even every day.

Remember, even the tiniest step toward you goal is better than no step at all.

If you need help taking steps toward your goal, either because you don’t know what steps to take or you don’t know how to create your goal, I would love to help.

Contact me via email at for a complimentary 15 minute life coaching session to help get you on track and moving forward.

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Be Bold, Take Action!

Today is the first of November.  The end of the year is nearly upon us.

During the year I have be encouraging you to write down your goals for 2016-2017 and to take action to achieve them.  Check out the Achievements 2016-2017 page for more information.

So the question I have for you today is:


Like most of us,  you have achieved some of the aspirations on your list.  However, there are probably 2-3 things left you have not done and my guess is that at least one of them is a BIG goal!  There is one goal that you have just not gotten to.  Maybe you have been putting off taking action, been afraid of what would happen if you took steps in the direction of your goal, or just hoped and wished it would come true.  So far, no luck!

The good news is, it is not too late!

You still have a few weeks left to make that dream a reality!  But, you are going to have to take a bold action to do it.  There is no more time to dip your toes in the water.  If you want to reach your goal now is the time to jump in with both feet!

Take some time today to think about 4-5 bold moves you can make to reach your goal by the end of the year (or at least be well on your way).

  • If your goal was to lose weight this year, a bold action could be to hire a personal trainer or nutritionist.
  • If your goal was to get a new job, your bold move could be to start a job search and go on a few interviews.
  • If your goal was to take a vacation, be bold and call a travel agent and book that trip!
  • If your goal was to advance your education, research your schooling options and start a class.

We all have responsibilities we must meet, like caring for our families, paying bills, etc., so I am not suggesting you quit your job, leave your family in the lurch, or stop taking care of your obligations.  You may even want to write down some extreme actions as one of your bold moves (just the thought can be fun and empowering).  What I am suggesting, however, is that you take some action outside of your comfort zone, perhaps an action that you have been avoiding.  Make that phone call, join that club, get out an meet new people/network, hire the trainer, take a class, run the marathon.  Do something you would ordinarily not do.

Here’s and example from my list of goals:

My goal: To sell 500+ copies of my book, Cooking with Your Canine, in 2016.

My bold move: I have written a press release to submit to local new stations in an effort to promote the book.  The first edition is currently for sale and the 2nd edition will be done with the editing process in a few weeks and be ready to self publish and sell as an ebook.
          And you better believe you will all know about it when it is released!!!!!!

For me, the idea of reaching out to the public in such a way is quite frightening and intimidating!  It is a truly bold action for me to take and I know it is what I must do if I want to reach my goal.

So, what bold action are you going to take to ensure you achieve your dreams this year?  Declare it in the comment section below as a sign to the Universe you are committed to achieving your goal!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

And, if you need help thinking of a bold move or are unsure of how to take action, fill out the contact form below for a complimentary 15 minute consultation!

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Take Action

Back in March, I started encouraging readers of this blog to refocus their attention on the goals/resolutions they set for the year or to create a list of goals if they had not already done so.  If you need a refresher or want to start the process at the beginning check out my Achievements for 2016-2017 page.

If you have not looked at your list of goals recently, today is the day!  Take time today to review the achievements you committed to reaching in the next 2 years AND take action on 2 of those goals.  You do not have to take big steps like quitting your job or booking that dream vacation (unless you are truly inspired to), taking time to make 1 phone call, skipping your morning latte and adding the money to savings, or visualizing your goal already achieved for 3 minutes are all small, powerful actions you can take.  Even these tiny steps reinforce to you and The Universe that you are committed to achieving your dream.

In the spirit of the exercise, here are 2 actions I am going to take today:


  • I will spend a minimum of 15 minutes per day meditating or doing a guided meditation
    • Action: Set aside 35 minutes to listen to my favorite chakra balancing meditation


Make the commitment to take action on your goals by posting your goals and actions in the comment section below.

If you need help figuring out what action to take toward achieving your goals, contact me for a complimentary 15 minute  1-on-1 session.  

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Friday Fit

This week’s Friday Fit comes from Hello Healthy’s blog:

How to Find an Accountabilibuddy


If you need help creating or reaching your goals, I can help.  Contact me for information on ways I can help you make your dreams reality.

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Thank You Thursday

For me summer means a slowing down of clients and that means less income.   It is in times like these that I can start to get into scarcity thinking with my finances.  Nothing can create lack and scarcity like focusing on lack and scarcity.  When I start to feel these feels creeping up on me, I like to do a gratitude exercise.

If you are experiencing any feelings of lack in your life whether it be finances love health or otherwise you can use this exercise is well.
Write down 10 things you are grateful you can afford. Now some of these things may be a stretch and could even be things that you think you should be cutting out of your budget, but that’s OK write them down anyhow.

Here is my list:

  1. I am grateful I can afford to rent a beautiful home in a lovely neighborhood.
  2. I am grateful I can afford to put gasoline in my car.
  3. I am grateful I can afford to eat out 2 nights per week.
  4. I am grateful I can afford to get an manicure every 4 weeks.
  5. I am grateful I can afford to buy healthy food.
  6. I am grateful I can afford to pay for my electricity, water, and other utilities.
  7. I am grateful I can afford to donate money to my favorite charities.
  8. I am grateful I can afford to put money into savings each week.
  9. I am grateful I can afford to buy fun toys and treats for my dog.
  10. I am grateful I can afford to take a vacation every year.

Creating a list of ALL of the things you are grateful you can afford draws your attention to how much you have to be grateful for and away from those icky feelings of lack.  Dwelling on the positive helps you be open to seeing the possibilities and opportunities that surround you and once you can see the creative options that abound then you can take action to create and even bigger list of things you can afford.

If you cannot come up with 10 things, don’t worry.  If necessary, start with a few items and gradually add to the list as you think of more things you are grateful you can afford.  I promise, as you write you will think of more and more.  


If you are having trouble getting into the space of gratitude, contact me for a 1-on-1 session at  I would love to help you find your inner gratitude.

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A Brilliant Tip to Stop Procrastination 

I just ran across this blog post from Salvatore Marotta about how to stop procrastinating and get things done.  I absolutely love the Post It note tip!  You have to check it out, it is brilliant.  Although, it has caused me to sleep on the couch a few nights (read the article to see why, lol).

How to Stop Procrastinating and Get Things Done

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Plan to Achieve

Happy June 1st!

The first day of the month is a terrific time to reevaluate your goals and create an action plan for the month that will help you move in the direction of your dreams.

Over the past few months, I have been encouraging you to write down and review what you would like to achieve over the next 2 years.  If you have not written your list yet, checkout my past blog, What are You Going to Achieve in the Next 2 Years, to get started.

In my post, What’s My Motivation?, I encouraged you to consider the motivation behind your goals.  Without a strong motivation to achieve your goals, it can be difficult to find the time, inspiration, and will power to keep moving forward.

Now that you are aware of the motivation behind your desired achievements your list may have changed.  Today, I encourage you to rewrite your list and prioritize it based on the motivation behind it.  The stronger your motivation the higher on the list the achievement should be.

Once you have recreated your list, try to think of 1-2 things you can do this month to help you progress toward your goal.  You can do this with each goal if you choose, but I prefer to focus on 3-4 high priority goals.  I tend to be easily distracted so this helps me stay focused.

Here are a few examples from my list:

  • I will have >1000 followers to my health and wellness blog by 11/1/16
    • Spend 1-2 hours per week reading and commenting on other blogs
    • Create 2-3 high quality, informative posts per week
  • I will donate $1000 to childrens’ charities in 2016
    • Collect pocket change at the end of each day and deposit it into the donation box at my local market each week.
  • I will finish my yoga certification classes by 8/1/16
    • Spend 20 minutes each day studying and practicing.
  • I will purchase a Jeep Wrangler XL by 12/1/16
    • Deposit money into a “new car fund” each week 

Each week I create a schedule of the action steps I choose to take that week to ensure I am sticking to my plan:

  • Monday
    • Spend 20 minutes discovering and reading other blogs
    • Spend 20 minutes reading yoga manuals
  • Tuesday
    • Spend 1 hour reviewing scheduled blog posts and writing new posts
  • Wednesday
    • Listen to 1 podcast related to my areas of interest

This trick helps keep me organized.  You may have different techniques to help you stay on track, so use whatever works for you (and please feel free to share your tips below).

Reflecting on what you choose to achieve helps you maintain focus and stay on track.  Having a clearly defined action plan guarantees you will continually make progress in the direction of your dreams.

Keep moving forward and until next time have a happy, healthy day!

I would love to help you achieve your dreams.  Fill out the contact form below to schedule your 1-on-1 session with me!