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Do Something Nice for a Stranger

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In a world where we are so distracted by our phones, iPads, and Bluetooth ear buds, it is difficult to engage in real human contact. However, humans a social animals. We are designed to interact face to face not text to text. Regular human contact improves our mood and can even help improve self-esteem.

On a similar note, acts of philanthropy, aka giving to others, can also help improve mood and make us feel happier and more positive.

So today, make it your goal to do something nice for a stranger:

  • Give a stranger a compliment
  • Hold the door for someone, look them in the eye, and say, “Good day”
  • Pay for a stranger’s coffee
  • Help someone carry groceries

This simple act of kindness is a powerful way make another person’s day brighter and although you may never know, your action could snowball into something even greater for the whole world.

And don’t forget, you’ll feel terrific too!

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