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Start Practicing Good Nutritional Habits Now to Prevent Holiday Weight Gain

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It’s the first week of September and while it may seem a bit early to start talking about the holidays (and the dreaded holiday weight gain/nutritional slump), NOW is the perfect time to start practicing good nutritional habits that can help keep you on track with your healthy eating plan through the holidays.

For most of us, the holidays bring a plethora of delicious treats and foods we love. Whether its turkey and stuffing, pumpkin pie, gingerbread man cookies, or a big helping of turducken there is always something to delight our tastebuds. The good news is, it is ok to enjoy your favorite holiday foods, so long as you do so in moderation.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to build up a set of habits that will allow you to enjoy with holidays without feeling deprived but still keeping your healthy eating in check.

The first “habit” I am going to interlude to you is portion size. In a world of super-sized everything it can be tough to know what an appropriate portion size looks like.

This infographic from Precision Nutrition will help you learn what a portion should look like without having to carry around a scale and measuring cups.

Get familiar with it, download it if you need to, and over the next few week practice this method proper portion sizing. Keep your food choices the same as you normally would, you don’t need to worry about limiting or removing food right now. As always if the portions leave you feeling stuffed or uncomfortable adjust them down as necessary.

Learning a new skill can be hard, so go easy on yourself especially if you are new to monitoring your portions. Allow yourself to make a few mistakes and try to improve your habit a little bit each day.

Have fun, play and enjoy the process!


If you want more information on what good nutritional habits you can develop to help you lose weight, look fabulous, and feel more energetic, I can help.

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