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Take 1 Small Step

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When was the last time you actually sat down and thought about your goals, let alone made any progress towards them?

If you are like many of my clients, you set a goal, you may even write it down, and you work at it for awhile. Then life happens and the next thing you know you have gotten no closer than when you started.

Today, I am encouraging you to pick 1 of your goals and take an action that moves you in the direction of that goal.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, take time today to figure out how much weight you want to lose, when you want to lose the weight by, or try taking a walk at lunch time, or adding more vegetables to you diet. You don’t have to do everything just pick 1 small thing.

The same is true if your goal is to get a new job. Make some time today to review and update your resume, write down specifically how you want your new job to be, look at job boards. If you need more education for the new job, research schools or training programs. Just do 1 little thing that moves you down the path to your new career.

The action you take does not need to take a lot of time, require you invest money if your not ready/able, or leap in with both feet. The key is to simply take a small step that moves you forward. Don’t get obsessed or stressed over the process. Make it a fun adventure. Enjoy the journey.

Once you have taken 1 small step, see if you can make it a habit to take 3-4 steps each week or even every day.

Remember, even the tiniest step toward you goal is better than no step at all.

If you need help taking steps toward your goal, either because you don’t know what steps to take or you don’t know how to create your goal, I would love to help.

Contact me via email at for a complimentary 15 minute life coaching session to help get you on track and moving forward.

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