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Events vs. emotions – Which Do You Choose?

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Take a moment to reflect on the question..  You may even want to take a few days to really stop and think about it.

We all have those days where things are going along swimmingly, we are happy, optimistic, and enjoying life.  Then, out of no where, something happens, out car breaks down, we lose a client, or the barista makes our coffee not to our specifications and “BAM!” our day is ruined.  Now, we feel irritated, stressed out, and drained.

I see this all of the time on social media.  People have “amazing lives”, a terrific spouse, great kids, a job they love, and an awesome car.  They post about it constantly.  Then one day something bad happens, they get sick, into a car accident, or a meeting does not go as planned and suddenly the last 10 months have been hell!!!  Wait, 3 days ago life was perfect, now its been a disaster forever!!!!  What the heck happened?  Basically, these people let the events in their life dictate their emotions.  The negative event yielded  negative emotions.

To be clear, there is NOTHING wrong with having and expressing emotions.  After all, if we are not meant to express them then we would not have them in the first place.  However, letting negative emotions determine the quality of the day or life you live can be detrimental.  

Bemoaning, dwelling on, and dramatizing negative circumstances, events, and people that come into our lives not only attracts more of those things into our lives through the Law of Attraction, but also dooms us to live in sadness, anger, frustration, and anxiety until we eventually encounter a positive event (which we always do).

It has taken me years to learn this lesson, and I continue to work on it every day.  For most of my life I allowed unpleasant and adverse circumstances to trap me in fear, loneliness, anger, and stress.  Even an imagined slight could cause me to sink into depression or angst.  Slowly, I have become conscious of the pattern and made efforts to change the way I react.  These days when I experience a troublesome situation, I stop, take a breath, and think, “Do I want this to ruin my day?”  More often than not the answer is a resounding, “NO!”  I can then make an intentional effort to refocus my mind and emotions to things that are more pleasant and uplifting.    So, rather than the event creating negative emotions, I allow my emotions to defuse the event and keep me in a more positive state of mind.

If you are already adept at letting your emotions determine the events in your life, congratulations!    Please share your tips and tricks in the comments below.  There are plenty of us that can put them to good use.

If you are not as easily able to prevent events from adversely influencing your emotions, it’s ok.  Just know it takes time and a conscious, deliberate effort to create the change.  You will get there you just need to focus and be patient and forgiving to yourself.

Keep in mind that this whole thing works in reverse:  If you dwell and nurture positive, uplifting, joyous, and grateful emotions you will inevitably manifest more events to express happiness, gratitude, and excitement for.

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