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Thank You Thursday

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Happy Thursday! ¬†Thank you for stopping by, ūüėČ

If you could thank someone from your past, who would it be?  A teacher, a grandparent, an ex-flame?

This week I would like to encourage you to write a thank you letter to this person thanking them for the impact they made on your life.

I wrote my letter to Mrs. Borman, my second grade teacher:

Dear Mrs.  Borman,

You probably remember me. ¬†I was in your class in 1980. ¬†I sat in the first seat of the fourth row. ¬†You would pull my pigtails and tell me to, “Pay Attention!”

I was in the advanced reading group. ¬†There were several really smart kids in the group. ¬†One day you asked us what we wanted to be when we grew up. ¬†A few students said doctors, others teachers, a couple said lawyers, Billy Manners said he wanted to be an astronaut. ¬†With each student you gave encouraging words and positive reinforcement. ¬†Even Billy Manners. ¬†When you got to me, I said I wanted to be an author. ¬†I still remember the look on your face when you said, “An author! ¬†You’re not smart enough to be an author. ¬† You can barely read.”, it was a look of utter disgust and condescension. ¬†Did I mention I was in the advanced reading group? ¬†

Your words cut straight through to my heart.  But, I was a stubborn and somewhat intractable child, and I decided then and there I was going to prove you wrong!

I am proud to report, my mission was a success. ¬†I AM an author. ¬†Not only do I write 2 blogs, but I have also written and published a cookbook for dog owners, Cooking with Your Canine. ¬†True, I may not win a Pulitzer or even the¬†James Beard and Julia Child Literary Food Writing Award, however I have written a book. ¬†Merriam-Webster defines an author as, “a person who has written something;¬†especially¬†: a person who has written a book or who writes many books”. ¬†Therefore, I am an author.

And, I have you to thank. ¬†Without your cruel and cutting words, I may never have had the deep motivation to create something. ¬†You gave me a lifelong goal to work toward. ¬†Every time I sit down to write, I remember your “challenge” and it gives me the push I need to start writing. ¬†YOU are the reason I write. ¬†And, I’m not done. ¬†I am in the final editing stages for the 2nd edition of, Cooking with Your Canine, I have started work on a children’s’ book about the adventures of Willo, The Wonder Dog, and my blogs continue to flourish.

Thank You Mrs. Borman, for making me the person I am! ¬†I couldn’t have done it without you!

Most sincerely, 

Rachel Weller

I never sent my letter.  Mrs. Borman passed away years ago.  But, the point of the exercise is to express gratitude for the contribution the addressee made to your life and the more grateful you can be for the experiences that influenced and shaped who you are today the more gratitude you will have to express for the person you become tomorrow.

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