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How many times did you complain today?  Take a moment and think about it.  How many times did you grumble and grouse throughout the day?

Traffic was awful, it’s cold out, your spouse forgot to take out the trash, your back hurts, your coworkers are incompetent, and your Starbucks coffee was too hot.  Everyday it seems we have an endless array of things to complain about, and we do.

Unfortunately, even small complaints can take their toll, leaving us feeling stressed and irritated.  However, all the things we are complaining about are just reminders of the many things we have to be grateful for.

  • So, traffic sucked?  At least you are alive to experience it.
  • Coworkers are idiots?  You have a job don’t you?
  • Maybe your spouse doesn’t help around the house as much as you would like, but you have someone with whom to share love and companionship.
  • Your coffee wasn’t to your liking?  At least you have the money to buy a coffee.

Learning to be grateful for ALL of your experiences in life including the annoyances, irritations, and hardships creates a shift in your perspective.  This change in attitude reduces feelings of tension both mentally and physically (bye, bye backache), increases happiness, and draws abundance to you.

So, the next time you find yourself wanting to complain about something, STOP and think about all of the reasons you should feel thankful for the experience:

“Yes, I sometimes find my coworkers irritating but, I am alive, I have a job I enjoy, I have an income, I work with people who give 100% effort to what they do…”

Be grateful now or else when it comes time to cross over to the “other side” you may find yourself wishing you were stuck in traffic with a cold cup of coffee.

2 thoughts on “Complain

  1. Great ‘Food for Thought’ – Thank you!

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