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Happiness Tag

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A few days ago I received the honor of being nominated for Happiness Tag, (thanks Lindsay at Letters To Dutch).

I LOVE this idea, by the way!

Now, I’m IT, so here is my list of things that make me happy!

  1. My dog, Jake.  From the moment I brought him home from the pound he has filled my life with joy and laughter.  Jake is more than a little mischievous and his antics often make me laugh (mostly because if I didn’t, I’d blow a fuse).  He is prone to hilarious sprints around the house and over the furniture.  His facial expressions are priceless.  But, the best part about Jake is he knows when I am sad or anxious and he is always there to give me a cuddle, a kiss, or a silly head tilt.  He never fails to raise my spirits.  If a dog can be your soul mate, he is mine.IMG_6673
  2. Music.  I have always loved listening to music.  To this day I have fond memories of listening to the “Mary Poppins” soundtrack, singing every line of  “Grease” with my best friends, and dancing to “A Chorus Line”.  Music speaks to my soul in ways that books or the spoken word never could.  On days when I am feeling a bit down in the dumps, I have playlists ready to go on my Ipod specifically created to help me be happy.  My list includes Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers, the Old 97’s, Britney Spears, Ke$ha, and The Fratellis.
  3. Travel.  Whether it is in my state, across the country, or around the world; discovering new places, chatting with new people, and learning about different cultures brings me great joy.  I love the sense of adventure and freedom.  There is something about a change of scenery that lifts my spirits and refreshes me.Me in a rickshaw, Jaipur
  4. Exercise.  I’ll admit, some days the idea of dragging myself to the gym sounds less than exciting.  However, once I am there my mood immediately begins to change.  With every rep I feel more energetic, more focused, and more upbeat.  Sometimes I feel so good by the end of my workout I don’t want to leave.  Eventually, I will drag myself back to my car but the residual happy high lasts for hours, occasionally even days.  
  5. Nature.  The happiness I feel exercising at the gym can only be topped by the pure joy I feel when I can take my workout outside.  I am fortunate enough to be able to walk out my door and into the Sonoran desert, one of the most beautiful places in the world (at least in my opinion).  There I can hike, run, and leap boulders at will.  Regardless of where I am; beach, park, or desert the fresh air and surrounding landscape creates a sense of peace and bliss that cannot be rivaled in any interior space.  IMG_4849
  6. Chocolate.  Ok, I know I am supposed to be espousing a healthy clean lifestyle, but sometimes nothing makes me happier than a piece of 82% dark chocolate.  The way it melts in my mouth, the slightly sweet taste, and the endorphins it releases all combine in a perfect symphony of joy.  Ahhhhhh…th-20

Well, those are the highlights.  There are many more things I could list; roses, dancing; a big paycheck, meditation, someone telling me how I helped them improve their life…

So, now it’s your turn.  I nominate YOU for Happiness Tag.  Write your own blog, post your list to Facebook or Twitter, or add your list to the comments below.  Then nominate your friends, coworkers, and fellow bloggers to create their list.  

With all of this happiness being passed around the world is sure to be a happier place.


If you are having trouble finding ways to get yourself happy, check out my blog, Life is More Fun When You’re Happy, for tips on things you can do to help make a sour mood sweet again.

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