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What are you thinking about right now?

Are you worrying about your finances, your health, your relationships or what you see and read in the news?

Are you thinking about something that happened earlier today, or yesterday, or a year ago?


Are you present in this moment; peaceful, calm, and focused on what you are reading?

Worrying about what is to come creates fear and anxiety which can prevent us from taking the actions we need to ensure success on our quest to reach our goals.  We focus on the “what if’s”, visualize disastrous outcomes, and take the safest course to prevent failure.  It allows our ego to control us and our limiting beliefs to keep us stuck in our comfort zones.  While our lives may not become worse they rarely get better and we are left feeling frustrated, stressed, and unfulfilled.

Thinking about the past also blocks our ability to move toward our goals.  Looking back often allows us to play the “victim” blaming others for our current situation.  Our inability to claim responsibility for our own circumstances prevents us from making changes within ourselves that are necessary to progress in our movement toward our desire.  Looking to the past can also encourage feelings of guilt, anger, and resentment.  When we focus on these negative emotions we not only create for ourselves more events to increase those emotions but we limit our ability to experience positive emotions such as gratitude, love and joy.

However, when we are present in the moment we can fully appreciate and learn from every experience we have, good or bad.  Being present in the moment clears our mind of distractions and allows us to focus on what is right in front of us whether it is a talking to family member, creating a work presentation, or driving to the market.  This focus makes us better communicators, improves creativity, reduces our stress levels, and give us the freedom to be happy right NOW.

In the present moment there is no limit to the success we can achieve because negative beliefs from our past no longer exist and the worries about our future have not yet formed.  With our mind free of fear, worry, stress, guilt, and anger we are left with only gratitude and happiness for who, what, and where we are in this moment.  It is in this state of joy and thankfulness we can use our inner knowing to manifest the next present moment, and the next present moment, and the next present moment until  we have achieved all our goals with ease and joy.

Need some help learning how to be present?  Check back next week for 4 tips you can use to be more present.  Can’t wait until next week?  Use the contact form below to set up your 1-on-1 session with me!

Until next week, Have A Happy Healthy Day!


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