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What’s My Motivation

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For the last several weeks I have been encouraging you to create a list of things you would like to achieve in the next two years in the areas of: finances, contributions, career/professional, relationships, personal, fun/recreation, and health/fitness.  Click here for a reminder.

Now that you have made your list of achievements and spent some time reviewing and getting to know them, it is time to take your work a bit farther. It is time to figure out what your motivation is for your goals.

So many times I have clients come to me with a particular goal they want to reach.  Yet time and again they resist my efforts to help them reach that goal.  For example,  I frequently ask clients to do some “homework” before their next session.  More often than not when I ask if they did the assignment they will answer, “No.”

Often we set a goal because it sounds good and we want it, but we lack the motivation to achieve it.  We aren’t “invested” in the goal.  Sure, we want to lose that last 10lbs but….

  • “I don’t want to give up alcohol”
  • “I don’t have time to exercise regularly”
  • “I have all these social obligations”
  • “I have a slow metabolism”
  • And the excuses go on and on…

Now, give that scenario a little motivational kick like a poor annual health exam, a wedding, school reunion, or not being able to play with the kids and all of a sudden those excuses vanish.  Why? Because when we are truly inspired to achieve our goal it gets done!

The question is how motivated are you to accomplish all of the achievements you wrote down for yourself?

I suggest you spend some time with each one of the tasks on your list and write down what your motivation is to achieve it.  Don’t do all your goals at once, try one per day or every few days, but put genuine thought and effort into each one.

To help you along I have listed some of my motivations below:


  • I will have >1000 followers to my health and wellness blog by 11/1/16                                                                   

                Motivation:  I love sharing the information that has shaped my life over the years and hope that by sharing these experiences I can help people on their own path of learning and growing.  The more followers I have the more chances I have to help someone AND to learn from their life lessons.


  • I will take 4, 3-4 day vacations in 2016

Motivation: I tend to be a workaholic.  For me clients often come before my own personal time.  In the past, I have been guilty of skipping opportunities to rest and relax because a client wanted a workout or massage.  As a result, I start to feel burned out and confined by my job.  Taking a few long weekends for myself through the year allows me time to recharge and take care of my needs as well as be a better trainer for my clients.

Health and Fitness 

  • I will improve my flexibility by spending at least 15 minutes every day stretching or doing yoga

               Motivation: As a personal trainer I know the importance of maintaining or improving my flexibility to prevent injuries and pain down the road.  I also know that I cannot expect my clients to work on their flexibility if I will not do it myself.  So, my motivation is to not only ensure my future health but to be authentic with my clients.

A few of my other planned achievements like taking ballroom dance lessons or learning to paint do not have any strong motivations other than I enjoyed dancing and painting as a child and I think it would be fun to reintroduce those activities into my life.  I still intend to achieve these goals but I am not committing much time and effort to them and that is ok.  Not every goal has to have a powerful motivation, although I might argue that having fun is powerful enough!

After reviewing my own list of planned achievements, I discovered that I really did not feel powerfully motivated to reach some of them or that my “motivation” was fueled by what other people wanted for me.  I did not totally cross those off of my list but the realization did make me rearrange them in my order of priorities.  Suddenly, my goal of taking my brother’s ashes to Germany didn’t seem as high a priority as buying a new home.

The point is, knowing what motivates or doesn’t motivate you to achieve a dream can help put your ambitions into perspective and help you decide what to focus on, what to put on a back burner, and what to get rid of all together.


Need help uncovering the motivation behind some of the things you plan to achieve this year?  I would love to help!  Use the form below to contact me to arrange a 1-on-1 session!



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