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Life is More Fun When You’re Happy!



We all know what life is like when we are happy.  Everything just seems to go right.  You get all the green lights, friends and family offer help and support, you get a promotion at work, the sunshines every day, and the birds are always singing.  You feel light, energetic, positive, and motivated to succeed!  Happy days are great days to be alive!

Then there are those days when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed or someone rains on your parade.  On those days you feel irritated, overwhelmed, tired, and everything you do feels like a struggle.  These are the days you wish you had just stayed in bed with you head hidden under the covers.  We all have those days.  Some of us have them more than others.  

But, what if you could nip those icky feeling days in the bud and turn them into a day of wine and roses? 

The good news is you can!  With a little forethought and planning you can create a strategy to turn a not so pleasant day into a happy one in no time.  Make a list of things you enjoy and make you happy.  Perhaps you like to exercise, listen to music, cook, or watch funny movies.  Now, turn that list into some actions you can take to turn your day around.  

For example:

  • If listening to music makes you happy create a “Happy Day” playlist for your iPod or phone.  This is my fav!!!
  • If you like to exercise, have a short at home/work routine or walk planned out in advance for those “rainy” mood days.
  • Find some funny youtube videos and put them on your “watch later” list so you can find them quickly then you will have them at your fingertips when a bad day comes your way.
  • Create a slideshow of happy memories for your computer.
  • Have a fun to read book on your tablet or reader add read a few pages.

Whatever makes you feel happy, joyful, uplifted and energetic have it close by to use when you need it to change your mood and your day.

You don’t need to trudge through a bad day hoping tomorrow will be better.  Having a “Great Day” action plan in place can insure that everyday is a “HAPPY DAY!!!!”


2 thoughts on “Life is More Fun When You’re Happy!

  1. As they say, happiness is an inside job.

    p.s. I use to use that same header image in my Evolution Made Easier blog. Seemed so strange to see it again. We must have similar tastes in food and images. HA! And thanks for stopping by Self-help Health and leaving a comment. I always appreciate when someone takes the time to do that, plus it helps lead me back to what they’re up to, like this neat blog of yours!

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