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Smile It’s Monday

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It’s Monday, if you’re not like most people you’re thinking, “Blah!  I don’t like Mondays!”

A great way to get yourself out of the Monday blues is to do something nice for someone else, so today do something to make at least three people smile:

  • Buy a friend a little gift
  • Give a stranger those few pennies they need to make correct change or better yet buy a stranger lunch
  • Tell a coworker how much you liked an idea they suggested or how much you enjoy working with them
  • Do an errand or chore around the house without your spouse asking you too
  • Play a silly game with your kids
  • Send a friend a text or ecard just to say, “HI!”

The simple act of holding the door for a stranger or complimenting a friend’s new hairstyle can make a big difference in their day and week.  And the more you make other people smile the more you will smile and THAT will make all the difference for you.


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