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Thought of the Day – 11-14-14

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Recently, someone asked me why I did not include comments or reflections about what each Thought of the Day quote represented or what it meant to me.

In general, I select the Thought of the Day at random. Occasionally, I will see a quote I feel is poignant to what is going on around me but often I simply see a quote I like and use it. Sometimes the mood strikes me to use a quotation from a particular person and I will seek out a quote from that person.

The main objective of the Thought of the Day post is not to tell you what I am thinking about nor is it to tell you what to think or feel but rather to stimulate your mind and get you to reflect on your own thoughts. My goal is to motivate and inspire you while encouraging your mind to learn and grow in its own direction.

The media, our jobs and often our friends and family dictate what we should think and feel so that we can “fit in”, build a career, develop relationships, and be considered a valuable member of society. The Thought of the Day can be a “safe” place for you to express either to yourself or through the Comments section your truest, deepest thoughts and emotions.

I hope you enjoy the posts and allow them to stimulate your own thoughts.

Until next time, have a happy, healthy day!

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