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September Monthly Wellwork

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Holy Smokes it’s September!!!  Where has the year gone?
It is already time for your September Monthly Wellwork Exercise.

In previous Wellwork assignments and blogs I have talked about achieving goals and taking action daily to reach those goals even if those steps are small.  This month we are going to continue along the same idea but with a slightly different twist.

Often we get so busy with our daily routines and mundane tasks that we miss the hints, nudgings and opportunities the Universe (God, The Divine, etc.) sends our way to help move us in the direction of our dreams.  We get so busy waiting for the “big miracles” to come that we miss the small ones.

For example, perhaps you have a goal to buy a new home, but you need to save money for the down payment.  One day as you’re shopping for laundry detergent you come across the brand you always buy with a $.50 off coupon on it.  Big deal $.50, right? So what?  OR “HELLO”, there’s an unexpected $.50 the Universe just gave you toward your new home.  No, it’s not a big dramatic lottery winning miracle but it is a small step toward your goal.

Often waiting for the big finale can lead to frustration, doubt and negative thoughts which can slow the arrival of your goal.  Sometimes it can even lead to giving up on the goal altogether.   Now, imagine little miracles happening every day that propel you toward your goal.  Each day you have reassurance that you are on the right track and moving toward your goal.  Every day you are rewarded with hope for your positive attitude and daily action.

This month your task is to keep a daily Miracles Journal.  Each day write down all of the coincidences, opportunities, thoughts and other “lucky breaks” you receive.  It does not matter how large or small it is or whether or not it appears to relate to your goal, write down each and every “miracle”.  Read over the list and express gratitude for all of the wonders you received that day and for all of the wonders you already have.  Remember gratitude begets more things to be grateful for.

The comments section is a terrific place to share your daily miracles with others as well as let the Universe know you are paying attention so feel free to add a comment below.

If you have any questions or would like to work with me one-on-one to achieve your goals email me at

Enjoy this month’s Wellwork and have a Happy Health Day!

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