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An Open Letter

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Absolutely amazing!!!! Nothing else can be said.

The Fickle Heartbeat

open letter

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To the ones that I’ve hurt,
To the ones that hurt me and
To the ones that are hurting.

To the ones that I’ve hurt.
To my family, my friends, my work colleges and my ex’s I want to start off saying that I am sorry. I am sorry for what I did to you, and for what I may do in the future. I know I’ve hurt you at some point.

A comment may have fallen out of my mouth before my brain realised it said it.
A joke may have been made which you did not find funny.
I may have disappointed you.
Made you wait for me.
Told you you looked fat
Or said that I didn’t like your choice of partner.
I may have gotten angry at something that you said for no reason.
I may have overreacted.
You may have…

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