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Buy a Homeless Man a Snapple

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This article is a reminder that we should all endeavor to “inflict” small unexpected (ok, random) acts of kindness perhaps not every day but frequently and from a place of giving rather than a place of obligation.

Project Light to Life



Spending the day in New York with some friends.

It had been much too long since I crossed an item off my “Kind Acts & Volunteering” bucket list. This Monday, I went into New York City to meet up with a friend from my study abroad trip to Australia, and later, a friend I went to the University of Delaware with.

When I arrived in New York, I had some time to kill before my friend’s train arrived in about an hour. While walking around Penn Station, I passed a homeless man holding a sign and remembered my bucket list item “Buy a homeless person coffee.” Yet, when I thought about it, I realized that on an extremely hot day like Monday had been, I would want something more satisfying than coffee, even an iced one. In addition, I didn’t see many places selling coffee nearby and feared that…

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