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July WellWork Follow Up

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The month of July is almost over, time for a check in on your July Wellwork progress (click here to return to the July WellWork post).

Have you been writing down your goal every day?  Are you doing 1 thing every day that moves you closer to your goal?   What weekly action are you taking to achieve your goal?

What progress have you made?  What have you learned from this exercise?  Has your goal changed or is it the same?

Once we identify a specific goal and focus our attention on the road to achieving it we often find our plans and even the goal itself may change in unexpected and delightful ways.  Often along the way we learn more about ourselves than we ever thought possible simply by devoting some time daily to working toward our dream.

No matter what your goal one Universal truth rings clear, you can never bring your dreams into reality unless you take action.  This month’s project was designed to help get you into the habit of taking daily steps toward your goal.

So now it is your turn to share your goal,  what you have done or what you have learned along the way with the group.  Visit the Facebook group: Achieve Your Goals 1 Day at a Time to leave a comment and support your fellow Achievers.

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