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July WellWork – Follow Up

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Welcome to July 8th.

I am checking in to see how you are doing with your Monthly Wellwork.  What have you experienced so far?  Are you making daily progress toward your goal?  Don’t forget you do not need to take big steps every day.  Doing 1 small thing each day is the best way to reach your goal.  Slow and steady wins the race.  It also keeps you from becoming overwhelmed and unfocused.  How are you doing with the weekly step toward your goal?  Are you finding it easier or harder to develop than the daily goals?

You have only been writing down your goal and plotting the course toward that goal for a week but it should be starting to become a habit for you to spend a few moments each day on your goal.  The more habitual it becomes to work on your goal daily, weekly and monthly the more likely you are to succeed at achieving your goal.

If you haven’t started the activity yet it’s not too late, visit the July Wellwork blog post to learn how to get started.

Don’t forget to join the FaceBook group, Achieving Your Goals 1 Day at a Time, to share your goals, plans and experiences as well as to motivate others to peruse their goals.  Click here to join the fun.

Keep up the good work and as always feel free to leave comments below about your goals, process or progress.

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