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Thought of the Day – 5/10/14


“Today I want to belong. I want to feel safe and at home. I want to be aware of what it is like simply to be, without defenses or desires. I will appreciate the flow of life for what it is-my own true self. I will notice those moments of intimacy with myself, when I feel that “I am” is enough to sustain me forever. I will lie on the grass at one with nature, expanding until my being fades into the infinite.”
― Deepak Chopra

Don’t just read this quote and move on today.  Take some time to reflect on its meaning for you.

Do you feel safe?  Maybe you do physically, but what about emotionally or spiritually?  Can you be your true self in front of your friends and collegues? Or do you put up a false face to please them or avoid being judged?

Be honest.

Who are you really?  Look inside and remember.

2 thoughts on “Thought of the Day – 5/10/14

  1. Nice reflection of ones inner being. Thank you for Sharing my friend!

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