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April’s Monthly Wellwork

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As I have said before, Louise Hay is one of my favorite inspirational speakers.

If you still have not checked out her amazing story you are missing out on true inspiration.

This month’s well work is based on a practice that Ms. Hay has used for years, Mirror Work.

If you recall, on Valentine’s Day I suggested you say “I love you” to yourself.  Did you do it?  If so, how did it make you feel?  Silly, uncomfortable, sad?  If you did not do it, why not?

For many of us, it is easy to offer external praise and declarations of love to those around us than it is to ourselves.

Mirror work helps us get in touch with our inner self by making us look directly into our own eyes while affirming our intention or belief.  The mirror then reflects back to us what we are truly thinking and feeling.

Your task for the month of April is to spend 2-3 minutes everyday in front of the mirror speaking your affirmations out loud while looking yourself in the eye.

If you don’t have any affirmations you use regularly don’t worry I have a few ideas for you:

“I love you!”  This one is an absolute must.  If you don’t use any other affirmation use this one.

“I allow myself to receive all of the good things I deserve.”

“I forgive others and I forgive myself.”

“I have all of the resources I need to be successful.”

“I choose to accept myself for who I am.”

“I am proud of myself for __________.”

These are just a few examples, feel free to rework them to suit your own needs just remember to keep it positive.

As you do this exercise you may find you are arguing with yourself or you may experience some negative emotions.  That’s okay.  Acknowledge these feelings, be grateful for the insight and determine what you need to learn from these thoughts and emotions.  Then let them go and move on to more positive thoughts and emotions.

Do this every day for the next month.  If you miss a day get back on track the next day.

I have had terrific luck with mirror work since I discovered it years ago.  It has helped me discover hidden beliefs and thought patterns I did not know existed and on days when I was feeling a bit low it has helped perk me up by reminding me that I am never alone and that there is always at least one person who loves me.

Have fun with this exercise.  I know it will help create a positive change in your life.

Until next time.  Have a happy healthy day!

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