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Benefits of Mental Focus in Your Life – Your Wellwork in Practice

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We have reached the final days of this month’s wellwork assignment.

If you have been diligent in practicing your mental focus exercise you are be experiencing some terrific results.

First, you have probably noticed that your mind is clearer and is no longer filled with distracting thoughts. The condition known as “monkey mind” has dissipated. Rather than having multiple thoughts bouncing around in your head at the same time you can now focus on one thought or task at a time and get more accomplished in the process.

Second, you are most likely feeling less stress, anxiety and depression. Meditation has been shown to reduce these negative emotions. Developing the ability to focus the mind is imperative in starting a meditation regimen. In addition, various studies show that meditation can help lower blood pressure, increase circulation, improve sleep quality and help develop areas of the brain associated with improved memory and decision making.

Improving mental focus can also help you learn to pay attention to your thoughts and allow you to actively create positive thoughts. Negative thoughts can cause blocks and barriers to success. By being aware of what you are thinking you can focus on designing positive thoughts and images that are in line with your goals. This positive outlook serves as a motivating force as well as a support system when encountering obstacles. Also, mental focus improves your ability to visualize positive outcomes and circumstances related to your goals.

Finally, improved mental focus results in more self confidence, increased attention to details, calmer reactions to emotional stimuli and a greater sense of inner peace.

Remember, honing your mental focus provides a host of benefits, but it is a skill that needs to be practiced everyday. So, keep up the good work and the benefits will continue to multiply.

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